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At CGH ACCOUNTING, we take pride in providing the best service and advice in managing your tax and accounting. We know that this is only one component of your overall financial success. To assist us, please take 60 seconds to complete this Gap Analysis. If there are any gaps in your financial world that are a priority for you to fix, we will discuss them with you, and, if you wish we can refer you to our preferred professional advisers in each area. Thank you
1.How would you rate your overall financial organisation right now?
2.How confident are you that you are on track to build the assets you will need for a long, comfortable stress free retirement?
3.How confident are you that your family would have enough income and assets in the event of your death or disability?
4.How confident are you that you know exactly what would happen to your assets, liabilities and super in the event of your death?
5.How confident are you that your loans are properly structured, tax effectively, with a clear plan to reduce bad debt?

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