CGH Accounting Services is proud to have the support of financial planners, mortgage brokers and insurance advisers who are dedicated to working with us to determine personal risk outlines and individual needs analysis, assisting CGH Accounting in tailoring suitable investment solutions to meet your expectations.

Our business partners’ carefully crafted plans reflect the comprehensive approach, which is adopted to capture your personal circumstances, identify your objectives, then research and assess the various options available to you.

A Financial Planner will help you build a plan that can:

  • establish your objectives and goals for the future
  • ensure you make the most of superannuation
  • put the right insurances in place for you and your family
  • identify wealth creation opportunities and strategies
  • help minimise your debt and help you pay off your home sooner
  • identify tax minimisation strategies
  • help you plan for your retirement

If you require financial services support, then complete the Financial Planning Review & Financial Analysis and contact us to discuss how we can help.